In one week, 154 MBs detained and 88 businesses raided

In one week, 154 MBs detained and 88 businesses raided

According to Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsoud head of the Brotherhood defence panel, 154 MB members including 23 students have been arrested in just one week following the group’s announcement that the it will participate in the elections.


State security escalated its aggressive attacks against the group in an attempt to intimidate candidates and their supporters, arresting several from their homes, businesses, and even from the streets.


Security forces also raided approximately 88 businesses and firms including bookstores and shops owned by members or supporters of the MB, confiscating equipments and personal properties and shutting most of them down, claiming lack of proper licenses to operate


In a statement to “Ikhwanweb” Abdul Maqsoud emphasized that such actions were a complete violation of the law and constitution, which requires court order to raid and shut down private firms and businesses. He described the aggressive government’s actions as oppression, and tyranny against the sanctity of private property. Maqsoud condemned the actions, asserting that the group will continue calling for reform and will not be deterred from taking part in the elections. The group has become accustomed to facing oppression by the ruling regime for over 50 years and will not be dragged away from its peaceful path of reform regardless of the measures taken.


Maqsoud maintained that in all reality the regime’s public image will be tarnished further before the world, and causing foreign investors to lose confidence in Egypt ‘s economy


He ended his statement confirming that the MB defense team will follow all the legal channels available to free the innocent MB members whose only crime is calling for fair and transparent elections