In Syria No Voice Overrides the State Security Apparatus

In Syria No Voice Overrides the State Security Apparatus

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information- ANHRI.NET announced today its firm condemnation of the arrest of lawyer Abdalla Suliman by the Syrian security apparatus on 30th July, 2008. He was the owner and manager of the websites Al Nazaha (Integrity), and Akhbar Al Nazaha(Integrity News) and was arrested “because of the persistence of the two sites” manager, the lawyer Abdalla Suliman to publish legal and political articles where in some of which he criticize the performance of the Syrian government.”

Abadalla Suliman as manager of Al Nazaha website filed the first of its kind lawsuit against the Syrian Ministry of Telecommunication, demanding disclosure of the reasons for the blockage and unblocking of the website last November. Suliman continued in the proceeding despite of the threats he was exposed to, as well as hacking and destruction of the website, until the ministry had admitted that the ban was based on “orders and instructions” of the Syrian intelligence apparatuses.

When Suliman realized that the case will not move forward, he had established an alternative website :, which resulted Suliman being arrested again by the Syrian security agencies who forced him to close the website down and to affirm that no louder voice than the Syrian police”s”.

“Banning the two sites and arresting their manager, is a waste all of the principles that respect the law in Syria, clearly exposes the shameful situation of the law and lack of respect, and clearly demonstrates the fate of freedom of expression in this state.” said Gamal Eid, the executive director of ANHRI.

ANHRI has taken the initiative to offer to all of its capacity aid for the lawyer Abdalla Suliman, and all other Syrian activists whether through providing alternative websites, blogs or technical aids, so as to contribute humbly to elimination of the policy of blocking the websites and terrifying the activists in Syria, and to support freedom of expression and internet freedom there.