Inauguration of Egyptians For Free and Fair Elections

Inauguration of Egyptians For Free and Fair Elections
 Members of the Brotherhood’s leading figures, parliamentarians and representatives of the national political powers inaugurated yesterday the initiative “Egyptians for Free and Fair Elections" on the Journalists’ Syndicate premises. The movement was led by Judge Mahmoud Al-Khudairi where they also announced the annexation of more than 65 of the political reform figures in the Egyptian society in the movement’s founding statement.
This development comes immediately after Makram Mohamed Ahmed, chairman of journalists, refused to convene the conference in the Journalists’ Syndicate Main Hall despite his prior knowledge. Moreover, Mohamed Abdul Quddus, Rapporteur of the civil Liberties Committee and member of the Press Syndicate Council had formerly received permission to convene the conference.
Among the activists who participated in the inauguration of the "Egyptians for free and fair elections" on the steps of the Press Syndicate are the Coordinator of the Movement Counselor Mahmoud Al-Khudairi, members of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc Dr. Mohammed El Beltagy and Dr. Hamdi Hassan, Nasserist MP Saad Abboud, Independent MP Mohammed Al-Omda, Dr. Jamal Al-Zahran, Distinguished Jurists and professor of Constitutional Law Dr. Yahya al-Jamal, and Dr. Abdul Jalil Mustafa, coordinator of the Kifaya (Enough) movement, renowned intellectual and innovator in Education Dr. Hamed Ammar, leading Labor Party leader Dr. Salah Abdel-Motaal, George Isaac, former coordinator of the Kifaya (Enough) movement, Engineer Yahya Hussein, Mohammed Abdul Quddus, and poet Amin Al-Dib.
Dr. Hamdi Hassan 
Dr. Hamdi Hassan announced the movement’s founding statement, stressing that the movement’s aim is to end the massive election non-transparency Egyptian voters have come accustomed to. The movement wishes voters can vote freely without bullying or terrorism or fraud.