• October 23, 2014
  • 2 minutes read

Independence of The Judiciary: Community Police Law Legitimizes Thugs

Independence of The Judiciary: Community Police Law Legitimizes Thugs

 The anti-coup Independence of The Judiciary Front (IJF) in Egypt said the "Community Police" bill – in the current climate of brutality and repression, is nothing but a new state terror project that undermines the Constitution, rights and freedoms, and is an explicit call to societal strife and ultimately civil war, as it promotes societal separation.

In a statement Wednesday, IJF added: "This is what Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi came to do… This suspicious measure, only days after passing an unjust and void military law requiring police officers – who are civilian employees – be referred to military trials, casts doubt on the purposes behind it, especially since the name "Community Police" was discussed during the reign of the legitimate President Mohamed Morsi (now held captive by the military junta), and was rejected politically for supposedly establishing private militias.

IJF further pointed that such a law would contribute to the legalization of bullying militias and black bloc gangs after the failure of the Interior Ministry, the terrorist ‘rapid intervention’ forces and the private militias company in quelling Egypt’s revolutionaries.

"We are seriously concerned that such community police will be nothing more than brutal thugs made legal."