• August 13, 2014
  • 6 minutes read

Independence of the Judiciary Front Supports Human Rights Watch International Investigation

Independence of the Judiciary Front Supports Human Rights Watch International Investigation
The Independence of the Judiciary Front in Egypt issued the following statement today, August 12, 2014:

It’s been more than a year since the July 3 military coup which killed the first democratic experience in Egypt since the dawn of history in a heinous treasonous conspiracy by a gang of reckless foolish generals, puppets made of straw in military uniforms, controlled by strings from abroad by foreign powers. Military minds stuffed with straw now plunder this homeland’s resources and gamble with the future of the people.

It has been another year of chronic military rule in Egypt, but it was also added to the life of popular steadfastness in the face of the military junta injustice and repression. We now realize that the reason for our backwardness and the essence of all our problems and our tremendous catastrophe lies in this kind of evil, traitorous military leaders who have damaged the army and want to ruin whatever is still left of the homeland.

We know that going through the bottleneck to catch up with civilization will not happen until we rid this homeland of them. We have set our goals and come a long way towards them. Now, we are very near indeed.

It has been a year in which the military junta committed the most horrendous crimes against humanity history has ever recorded, especially in the massacre of Rabaa and Nahda. However, their crimes descend on the January 25 Revolution as gasoline on fire. The priests of the military junta, the judiciary and the police have awoken the giant of Egyptian anger, and now they can not handle him.

The Ghoul of anger will eat the straw stuffed heads of junta generals. And as they do in military justice, all the traitors will be put on trial, even if they rot in their graves. But we will not wait so as to try them after their death, because they put Egypt in immediate danger that necessitates rapid intervention with urgent revolutionary trials and decisive powerful action.

In this regard, the anti-coup Independence of the Judiciary Front stresses the following:

First: We will join and strongly support the free members of the judiciary in the forthcoming peaceful popular protests starting on August 14. It is a legal duty and a constitutional right for all Egyptians to save Egypt and the Egyptian judiciary ‘frozen’ since the military coup. We will do so either with legal services support or physical presence on the ground.

Second: We support Human Rights Watch (HRW) endeavors to initiate international prosecution of the murderers after it issued its report today (August 12), which will certainly help pierce the impunity the perpetrators have so far enjoyed. The HRW’s report also puts additional emphasis on what the Front has already declared about the absence of judicial authority in Egypt since July 3, 2013 under military junta terror.

However, HRW still has time to document the full numbers of martyrs that exceed 3,300 killed on that day alone, according to many separate sources. Furthermore, identifying only 13 military and civilian individuals as responsible for the horrific carnage is not enough, especially as the actual perpetrators are still here, and there are mechanisms and processes that can identify them. We also reject allegations about some protestors using weapons. A military massacre this cruel confirms the absence of weapons.

Third: The Front is in contact with several independent judiciary, human rights and legal individuals and organizations, with the aim of holding popular revolutionary trials for the murderers of peaceful protesters. Those trials’ verdicts and rulings will be final and unappeallable. The rights of the defense and all established principles of criminal trials will be safeguarded. All those affected by junta crimes will be allowed to apply for these revolutionary trials.