Indian Repression in Kashmir

Indian Repression in Kashmir

 Killing people as has been directed to the occupation forces cannot curb the popular movement with the involvement of masses.  It is not the law and order problem or war against merely 600 pro Azadi armed men as claimed by Indian Home Minister. This movement stems from the popular sentiment of Azadi that cannot be curbed by killings, tortures, arrests, detentions, rapes molestations, and vilification practices as have been tasked to occupation forces by Indian establishment. People no doubts suffer because of their cruel and oppressive actions but cannot be cowed down for surrender from the basic objective. India needs to understand that it cannot for long held hostage people by military Mighty. people of Kashmir are not ready to remain anyway associated with India. The occupation forces of India who have so far killed more than one lac continue to rampage the humanity. However, the fact remains, after every killing India looses the grip and resentment and alienation increases. As I mentioned above it is not the law and order problem or that of Roti, Kapda, and Makaan (food, clothing, and housing). It is the burning issue of birthright of Kashmiris i.e. freedom from colonial rule. Therefore, it cannot be cooled down by enforcing the Marshal Rule, or by compensating rather luring economic packages. Indian repression is further adding fuel to the fire. Situation is changing fast. In pursuit of their cherished sentiment, people now are volunteering as front-runners in the processions against Indian Colonial Rule and facing bullets, death, and injuries. They have made up their mind to face any eventuality for attaining the objective come what may. India as a matter of policy is at war with the whole population in Kashmir in a bid to control the peaceful processions against their colonial rule, which is gaining momentum. Forces have been directed to fire indiscriminately on the mob to kill and injure. The purpose behind is to curb the voice and struggle steming from the sentiment of freedom.  They do not listen to the instructions of the puppet chief minister and his cabinet as they are directly controlled, commanded and directed by Delhi. What ever the cost Delhi is hell bent on crushing the peaceful democratic voice and struggle. The Black Draconian law (A.F.S.P.A) Armed Forces Special Powers Act has been invoked which makes forces accountable to none. These forces of occupation are guided by the provisions the said black law. The black authority gives them impunity from law, license to kill, rape, destroy, desecrate, and what not. The youth and minors done to death mercilessly or put to chains is not the concern of Indian rulers and their state puppets. Therefore, the crocodile tears are only showy for befooling the international community. Actually these killings, arrests, repression serves the colonial interest of Hindu India.

                        The quantum of military offensive engaged obviously inflicts damage in terms of men and material that Kashmiris witness daily but the question is against whom? Is it justified in a civilized world to suppress the peaceful voice by indiscriminate firing and shelling that also directly towards mob which causes tremendous damage? In fact, the international guidelines to deal with the protesting mobs are not abided by. As per these guidelines, Forces personnel are to fire in air both bullets and tear gas smoke shells to disperse the mob and avoid casualties. But in the case of Kashmir being under colonial rule the guidelines are intentionally trampled under feet and disrespected at the behest of Delhi Durbar. Even if the puppet administration publicly blames Indian forces out of control and asks the Indian Home minister to reign in, the responses are negative and blame game without taking into consideration the ground situation i.e. the blood both at the hands of Indian forces. Therefore, in response the protests and demonstrations are inevitable. Kashmiri people are not inciting and exploiting the situation as is blamed. The Hurriyats and pro-freedom parties representing the sentiment and blood of Kashmiri people do have the moral obligation to join their wailing kashmiris in the protest against the lost of loved ones.

The military concentration, curfew restrictions the repressive measures including genocidal acts, custodial killings fake encounters enforced disappearances rapes molestations torturous methods, arrests and detentions, i.e. Indian Sponsored terrorism has not and can not succeeded to cow down, destabilize ans curb the ongoing freedom struggle. Despite all odds, it will continue until the realization of the objective. India has no alternative but to leave this land occupied forcibly. However, reeling under cruel repression Kashmiri people will never stop, as they have no choice than to emancipate given the supreme sacrifices given by them perpetually. They cannot forget their martyrs who have laid down their precious lives for a noble cause. They cannot forget the stained chastity’s. They cannot forget the indignity faced by the whole nation at the hands of Indian Forces. They cannot forget the brutal torture of all regardless of age and gender. They cannot forget their dying jailbirds. They cannot forget inhuman and insulting treatment of frisking searching and beating. They cannot forget the economic loss worth trillions of rupees. This entire curse is befalling upon the Kashmiri nation just for one reason; this nation strives for freedom from the colonial rule of India.

                                       Sensing loosing ground in Kashmir inspite of the continuous oppression India has now once again started the tactical Mantra and chankiyan mockery of offering dialogue, which is aimed at sabotaging the ongoing freedom movement and befooling International community. However, one thing is clear now. Kashmiri people will not show any tendency towards such offer, as they know it will be the wastage of time, betrayal to the nation and amount to treachery with the supreme sacrifices and the sentiment of freedom.

Mohammad Yousuf Naqash

Chief Patron

Islamic Political Party (jk)

Senior Constituent Member ALL Parties Hurriyat Conference (M)