Infringements in Assute

Infringements in Assute
By Muhammad Reda

 Heavy security hand is very observable in the four districts of Assute, in which the Moslem Brotherhood candidates vie for run-off polls.


In Bander Assute district, the supporters of the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, Khaled Oda, were almost denied access for polling stations.


In poll no 37, the agents of the MB nominee were attacked. As a result, they got injured and admitted to the hospital.


In el-Fattah district, the agent of the Moslem Brotherhood candidate, Abdul Aziz Khalf, was dismissed from the electoral commission. Police was called to arrest him, in addition.


In poll no.33, there was no phosphoric ink, used to mark those who have cast vote. The electoral station no. 138 opened late, under the pretext that the agent of the NDP nominee has not come yet. In voting station no.126, a circulated ballot was detected.