Intellectuals, Politicians Launch Initiative To Save Egypt

Intellectuals, Politicians Launch Initiative To Save Egypt


During the next few days, more than 100 intellectuals, writers, and politicians are getting ready to announce the launching of a national internal and external reform initiative to save Egypt from its current stumbling situation and to present a comprehensive vision for ending Egypt”s deterioration after the government”s failure at all levels.


Initiative Coordinator, Former Minister of Interior Assistant and Current Embassador Abdullah El-Ash”al stressed that the this initiative comes in response to Egypt”s pressuring need for a national rescue government after the current government”s failure to provide a solution for ending the deterioration and its insistence on providing misleading data about the weakness Egypt has been suffering for a time.


Al-Ash”al said that the announcement for this initiative will be made in a press conference a week from now pointing out that there were four factors that led intellectuals to find it necessary to immediately intervene by launching such an initiative.  The factors were:  The government”s wrong approach in dealing with the global financial crisis; the issue of climate change in the year 2017 and the prospects of Egypt losing half its area as a result; the deteriorating status of Egypt on the world map; and finally the Egyptian government”s failure to provide successful solutions for Egypt”s problems, and instead, transferring all its files to the security apparatus, in addition to the atmosphere it created of growing hatred between the security and people.


Al-Ash”al explained that the initiative will be issuing a statement diagnosing Egypt”s situation, which will be presented to President Hosni Mubarak requesting his help and the formation of a national rescue government.


Al-Ash”al further revealed that 55 people have so far signed the initiative, out of 100 expected participants, pointing out that all those who have joined and will be joining are public, independent figures, who have never offended the Egyptian people, with a clear vision that is free of personal gains and have no interest in taking advantage of these positions for opposing or defaming anyone.