Interim Constitution declares Egypt a democratic state

Interim Constitution declares Egypt a democratic state
Egypt’s military rulers issued today an interim constitution expected to regulate the country’s political transitional period.
Dates have been set for electing a new parliament next September followed by a presidential election later in the year. 
According to Mamdouh Shaheen the military council will hand over legislative powers to the new parliament as soon as it is formed.
He told Reuters that the council will also give up the remaining presidential powers to the president once a new president takes office.

The military council had vowed to hand over power to an elected civilian government and it is expected that the state of emergency imposed for over 30 years by the ousted Mubarak and his regime will be eliminated prior to the September vote.

Shaheen explained that the interim constitution was comprised of 62 articles and is expected to regulate Egypt’s transitional period.
It included amended sections of the old constitution that were approved by Egyptian voters in a referendum on March 19.

The Interim Constitution also focused on:
The presidential term will be reduced to a two term limit of four years.
A deputy must be appointed by the new president within 60 days of assuming office.
Judicial monitoring will be installed to oversee elections.
Once the new parliament is elected a new constitution will be drawn up by a legal committee.
The constitutional committee will be free to reject the decree and begin anew. 
The interim constitution also includes an article stating that Islam is the religion of the state and that the principles of the Sharia are the primary source of legislation.
It also announced Egypt a democratic state, and stated that peaceful protests are allowed and guaranteed freedom of expression and a free press.