Interior Minister threatens MB ahead of election campaign

Interior Minister threatens MB ahead of election campaign


According to experts recent statements by the Egyptian Interior minister Habib Al-Adly, regarding the upcoming parliamentary elections indicate that, the ruling regime is intending to hinder any effort made by the Muslim Brotherhood to participate in the elections.

 The comments indicate that MB nominees may very well face electoral obstacles and a number of ruling party officials recently declared that the group would fail to win a significant number of parliamentary seats. Al-Adly warned the group from using the motto “Islam is the solution” as a campaign slogan after Egypt ‘s parliament approved an amendment in 2008, prohibiting the use of religious slogans highlighting that the popular MB is specifically targeted by the regime.

 It appears that the government is likely to resort to harassing the popular MB candidates in an effort to erode the gains achieved by the group during the 2005 parliamentary elections. The MB’s large success had not been met with lightly where the group secured 20% of the overall number of seats.

 As yet the group is to announce its stance regarding the upcoming elections. Meanwhile, the MB has yet to announce its official position regarding its participation in the parliamentary races. Experts believe that recent statements by some group members hint that the brotherhood plans to field 250 candidates to compete for 518 parliamentary seats.