Interior Ministry set ablaze described as counter-revolutionary

Interior Ministry set ablaze described as counter-revolutionary

Tuesday witnessed a Fire sweeping the upper floors of Egypt’s Interior Ministry building as policemen protested outside to demand higher pay and improved health care.

According to a security official demonstrators were responsible for starting the blaze in downtown Cairo. However protesters argued they had no way of entering as the buildings were heavily guarded.

They accused workers inside of burning security files to get rid of evidence of police abuses and starting the blaze describing it as counter revolutionary.

Witnesses said it appeared to begin in the six-story building’s middle floors and then spread to the top.
In the revolutions aftermath Egypt’s citizens continue to
associate the Interior Ministry and its security forces excesses with the deposed Mubarak’s regime of ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

Activists and opposition members including the Muslim Brotherhood were at the receiving end of the violations to human rights by the security apparatus and earlier this month, the country witnessed protesters rallying outside State Security offices across the nation, storming some of them in a search for evidence of human rights violations.

Tuesday’s demonstration also called for the dismissal of Mansour el-Essawy, a former Cairo security chief who has vowed  to restore security and to reduce the role of the hated State Security agency And the return of former Interior Minister Mahmoud Wagdi, whom Egypt’s military rulers replaced in a Cabinet shake-up.