• February 29, 2016
  • 3 minutes read

Interior Ministry Threatens to Kill Hunger-Striking Political Detainees

Interior Ministry Threatens to Kill Hunger-Striking Political Detainees

 Mona Imam, wife of Essam Al-Haddad – Assistant to President Mohamed Morsi, said there are serious new violations against detainees in brutal Aqrab Prison, also known as the political prisoners’ graveyard.

On her Facebook page, Mona said: "My daughter-in-law (the wife of my son Gihad Al-Haddad) went to visit him in Aqrab Prison Sunday. Separately, the wife of Mahmoud Al-Barbary went to visit her husband. Both men are on a hunger-strike since Wednesday, February 24.

"Gihad suffers severe fatigue, with deep black circles surrounding his eyes. Also, Mahmoud Al-Barbary was talking to his wife in the next visit-room when he suddenly fell off his chair unconscious, his face hitting the ground hard. Gihad rushed over and carried him, and tried to wake him up to complete the visit and reassure his mother and his wife waiting anxiously behind the glass barrier. However, Barbary remained completely unconscious, and was transferred to the so-called prison infirmary."

Mona went on: "Gihad and other detainees, including journalists, affirmed that Interior Ministry and jail officials had visited them several times, repeatedly threatening those participating in the hunger-strike with murder, or sending them off to remote prisons, specially the other notorious jail Al-Wadi Al-Gadid Prison, where they vowed they’d kill them. My son and most of the detainees confirmed this threat to their families in the last visit".

Meanwhile, Families of Aqrab Detainees Association said Sunday on its Facebook page: "Major General Hassan Al-Sohagi, Assistant Minister of Interior for the prison sector, met with Aqrab Prison hunger-strikers and game them a short message: he has "a Carte Blanche to deal with this strike" in whatever way he liked, from harassing detainees’ families, through the prevention of visits, to state-sponsored executions, if this strike is not ended. Detainees rejected the junta regime’s threat".