• November 19, 2015
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International Campaign of Solidarity with Egypt Students: Repression Creates Terrorism

International Campaign of Solidarity with Egypt Students: Repression Creates Terrorism

 World students mark the anniversary of their struggle for their rights and political education in free countries and civil societies that believe in social peace, provide opportunities for dialogue, and respect the rights of their citizens. This year, the International Students’ Day finds that our Egyptian university colleagues have been suffering unprecedented violations and atrocities at the hands of the repressive junta since the military coup of July 3, 2013.

The military coup in Egypt did not only destroy democracy and the civil state, but also it trampled all moral and humanitarian values, with attacks on fundamental and civil rights of citizens exceeding all limits, amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Students were targeted by the military junta and its appointed regime as the most dynamic faction in the Egyptian society that rise in defense of rights and freedoms, demanding justice and democratic transition in Egypt since the January 2011 Revolution.

It is certainly difficult, as we consider the situation of our colleagues in 42 (government and private) Egyptian universities, to reduce their human tragedies into mere numbers. Indeed, we realize that behind each number is tale of oppression and brutal repression that cries out to the peoples of the free world and international human rights organizations and democratic governments, exhorts them all to assume their historic responsibility, and puts to them a real test of the values ​​and principles about which they have always preached.

Since the coup, more than 234 (male and female) students have been murdered outside the framework of law by the junta regime, including 22 students killed within their university campuses, and 8 were killed under torture in police stations or during unlawful detention.


566 students have been subjected to enforced disappearance by coup authorities, without any legal warrant or due process.

4573 students have been jailed for their political views.

1223 students have dismissed from their universities, and deprived of the right to complete their education.

160 students have been tortured in police stations and places of detention.

The undermining of the political track, the disruption of the democratic transformation, and responding to peaceful political opposition with this excessive violence by the Egyptian authorities warn of dire consequences for the whole world… if violence becomes the only way to impose popular will – outside the framework of rational political processes, management of diversity within the society in peaceful ways and through democratic mechanisms, and the resolution of civil conflicts by political means.

We launch our international campaign Tadamon (Solidarity) to declare our full solidarity with our colleagues at universities in Egypt. Also, we hold everyone responsible for condemning this illegitimate regime, state terror and violence, which we consider to be a tool that creates terrorism in the international arena. In fact, junta repression is a form of terrorism itself.

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