International galaxy calls for probe into war crimes in Gaza

International galaxy calls for probe into war crimes in Gaza

A group of the world”s most experienced judges and human rights investigators called Monday on the UN to open investigations into war crimes and violations of international law committed during the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.

In an open letter supported by the organization of amnesty international, the group including Richard Goldstone, the former chief prosecutor of the international criminal tribunals, stressed the need for investigations into all serious violations of international humanitarian law committed by Israel.

The signatories to the letter, who have led investigations of crimes committed in many parts of the world, said they were “shocked to the core” by the atrocities in Gaza.

They stressed the importance of investigating the truth and delivering justice for the war victims as a precondition for moving forward and achieving peace in the Middle East.

Many international organizations had charged Israeli leaders with committing massive and disproportionate violence against Gaza people in blatant violation of international law.

Israeli politician and member of the Winograd committee Yehezkel Dror stated Monday that Israeli premier Ehud Olmert along with his ministers of war and foreign affairs failed in the last war on Gaza.

Dror added that Olmert would leave office after he had achieved two failures in Lebanon and Gaza.