International Law Prof: No PA Legitimacy Without Resistance

International Law Prof: No PA Legitimacy Without Resistance

Counselor Hassan Ahmed Omar, international law expert, told Ikhwanweb that resistance by any means and forms is a legitimate right of any country under occupation, especially when the rights of people are violated.


Omar said that what gives legitimacy to any Palestinian authority whether Hamas or Fatah is resistance. None of them represents the Palestinian people legitimately unless resistance is their primary choice, given the current Israeli occupation. Legitimacy is acquired through resistance not elections, since the elections are held under the occupation; so this generally raises doubts about its verisimilitude.



Omar sprang a surprise by saying that the partition resolution of ICJ ruling on the separation barrier 2003, which set the borders of the Palestinian and Israeli states, considers the 60-kilometer Gaza Strip just a part of the Strip demarcated by the resolution. Hence all the cities surrounding Gaza are on Palestinian land, and consequently all resistance rockets, whether fired by Hamas or any other faction, are in defense of Israeli occupied lands. The Israeli settlements established on these lands are an aggression against the ICJ ruling.


Israel does not have the right to build the wall outside the borders prescribed by the ruling, Omar added. Therefore, Hamas has the right to attack the Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands and defend their lands according to the international law. Israel’s allegation to be pounding Gaza now in defense of itself against the resistance rockets is false, for Israel cannot occupy the land of others, hit them then say it is defending itself. Aggression and self-defense are two contradictory rights; the right of resistance vitiates the occupation’s claim of self-defense. Israel’s existence in such cities is illegitimate, whilst Hamas rockets are legitimate. The right of resistance does not fall by truce when defending the land against occupation.


Counselor Omar demanded Egypt, the Arab and Islamic world to supply Palestine with weapons which is a national and international duty; the international law stipulates this under the name of revolutionary arms. We are obliged to enter Gaza and defend its people, to provide them with armaments, aid and medicine according to the international law.