International Parliament Forms Rights Delegation To Visit Nour

The Human Rights Committee in the International Parliament decided to form a delegation to visit jailed politician Ayman Nour, the frontrunner in 2005 presidential elections. The delegation, that includes two rights activists, Dr. Zahya Nagarous, from Algeria and senator Philip Mahouz, from Belgium, next July, 4th.
The parliament officially asked the Egyptian parliament and the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to allow the Human Rights Committee to visit Nour.
  The visit of the international parliament’s delegation comes after last May’s letter of Dr. Fathi Sorour which was delivered by the majority leader Abdul Ahad Gamaluddin in front of the international parliament. The letter, about the health condition of Nour, denied that there is no injustice on the jailed leader and that he doesn’t face any harassment in prison. Dr. Abd Al-Ahad claimed also Gamila Ismail, Nour’s wife, visited Dr. Fathi Sorour, People’s Assembly speaker, in late April, and thanked him for his efforts to care for her husband.
Doubting the report, the Human Rights Committee in the international parliament declared also that many other reports about Nour’s health are show that its is deteriorating due to the ill-treatment, in contradiction to the claims of Abd Al-Ahad, and Sorour.
The parliament demanded also allowing international doctors and experts to see all medical reports related Nour’s health.