International Report Ranks Egypt 3rd Among Most Despotic Countries

International Report Ranks Egypt 3rd Among Most Despotic Countries

In its latest report, the International Bank’s Center for Economic and Social Research and Studies ranked Egypt as the third among the 50 most despotic countries in the world, after Jordan and Mauritania.


In terms of its political system, Egypt ranked 119 among 167 countries as the report affirmed that the Egyptian governmental system serves only the state’s, rather than citizens’, interests.


The report also pointed out that the Egyptian regime is not content with the suffering of its people from the consecutive crises facing them, but rather adds to the people’s suffering and its despotism by limiting people’s freedom causing Egypt to exceed other countries in terms of its despotic regime and laws.


According to the report, Egypt had not witnessed any political advancement since the year 2006, a matter which led to a retreat in the rate of public participation in addition to a decline in the level of political awareness among Egyptian citizens.


The report also revealed that corruption in the various Egyptian sectors had exceeded the limits and that the statements issued by the government about the rate of poverty in Egypt and the spread of corruption within society are false and aim at misleading public opinion as they have become a characteristic feature of the country.


The report, in fact, affirmed that Egypt had reached the highest level of poverty in the Middle East region in the year 2008 and that the numbers and reports it issues about the rate of poverty are inaccurate pointing out that “25% of the total Egyptian population live below the poverty line and receive a daily income of less than two dollars in comparison to other countries.” The report added that the rate of unemployment in Egypt has exceeded 13% of the educated population at the same time while international funding authorities affirm an increase in the Egyptian government’s expenditure rates.”