Int’l committee against siege: The most important step is to open Rafah crossing

Int’l committee against siege: The most important step is to open Rafah crossing

The preparatory committee of the international committee for the support of Palestine and breaking the siege stressed, during its second meeting in Beirut, that the first and most important step is the opening of the Rafah border crossing, adding that it is a purely Arab crossing.

The committee also noted that the concerned parties should not deal with the issue of opening the Rafah crossing according to any consideration except the interest of the Palestinian people in Gaza in particular and the Arab interest in general.

In a press statement to the PIC, member of the committee Bashar Sa”eed said that the committee discussed the most important events and activities that would be carried out during the next stage especially the land and sea convoys and the worldwide efforts made by individuals and groups to break the siege.

Sa”eed underlined that the blockade on Gaza is like the last destructive war with a slight difference, that the world does not sense the gravity of the siege as it followed the aggression waged by Israeli warplanes and tanks on Gaza.

He added that the Israeli siege is an inhuman and immoral act sending the human life tens of centuries back, pointing out that during the current year, more than 25 sea convoys could be dispatched to Gaza if the blockade did not end.

In a related context, Dr. Mohamed Awad, the secretary-general of the Palestinian cabinet, invited Tuesday, during his meeting with Caoimhe Butterly, the free Gaza movement coordinator, the Arab countries and organizations to participate extensively in the European sea fleet that is due to arrive in Gaza in late May.

Dr. Awad said that this fleet is a message of love and devotion from its organizers and those who believe in the justice of the Palestinian cause to the Palestinian people in Gaza as well as a message of a challenge to the Israeli unjust siege.

The Palestinian official called on the fleet organizers to take into account that Gaza critically needs equipment in the fields of water purifications, sanitation, electricity and some medical appliances, pointing out that Israel destroyed the infrastructure of Gaza during its war.

For her part, Batterly briefed the Palestinian official on the free Gaza movement”s activities and its plans in the coming days especially its intention to activate the issue of the blockade on Gaza at international meetings and conferences.