Introducing POMED’s Country Pages

Introducing POMED’s Country Pages

If you haven’t already seen them, be sure to check out the new country pages here on POMED’s website.  

POMED’s research team has assembled a valuable collection of resources organized by country.  For now, there are POMED country pages for five countries of the region: EgyptJordanLebanonMorocco, and Turkey.  There will be more pages covering additional countries soon to come.  

Each page contains essential background information on the country, links to a variety of reports and resources in both English and the local language (Arabic or Turkish), as well as a POMED country backgrounder paper covering the state of government, political reform, opposition groups, and U.S. policy and assistance toward the particular country.

 In addition, each page contains the latest updates on recent developments in the country in question, updated daily.

 We hope these pages will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in following political developments and the state of reform in these countries, and we look forward to explanding the project to cover many other countries of the region.