IOA blocks Italian minister from visiting Gaza

IOA blocks Italian minister from visiting Gaza

The Israeli occupation authority barred on Monday Massimo Toschi, the Italian minister for international cooperation and peace, from visiting Gaza to inspect the humanitarian condition there in the context of the tight Israeli siege imposed on the Strip more than eight months ago.

In a statement, the health ministry in Gaza said that the IOA blocked the Italian minister from entering Gaza in order to prevent the world from knowing the ongoing Israeli crimes committed against the Palestinian people, pointing out that Toschi was scheduled to visit a number of Gaza hospitals and institutions.

For its part, the popular committee against the siege headed by MP Jamal Al-Khudari strongly denounced the IOA for barring the Italian minister from visiting the Gaza Strip, charging that the arbitrary measure comes within the Israeli policy which tries to prevent anybody especially international personalities from reporting the real image and tragedy in Gaza to the world.

It pointed that the IOA had already prevented many delegations from entering Gaza and banned the entry of humanitarian aid to its people as well.

The committee underscored that such practice was part of the genocidal war waged by the IOA against the besieged Palestinian people in Gaza which aims to tighten its grip on their lives and to block international solidarity with them.