IOA bows to pressures, resumes fuel supplies to Gaza

IOA bows to pressures, resumes fuel supplies to Gaza

The Israeli occupation authority, faced by growing worldwide protests against its severance of fuel and other basic supplies to the Gaza Strip, started Tuesday morning refueling the sole Gaza electricity generation station although on yet unknown basis.

The Hebrew radio said that Israeli war minister Ehud Barak had agreed to allow a shipment of fuel and medicines to Gaza after two days of complete stoppage that led to a cut in electricity supplies and a blackout on most of Gaza districts.

Initial reports from Gaza indicate that fuel already was in the Strip but underlined that car petrol was not allowed following Israeli premier Ehud Olmert”s “advice” to the Gaza inhabitants to walk instead of using cars!

The British government Monday expressed alarm at the cut in electricity to Gaza but stopped short of demanding that Israel ends cutting off fuel supplies that caused it.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband and International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander said that they did not support Israel”s decision to close all crossings into Gaza, preventing vital humanitarian supplies as well as fuel to the Gaza power station.

“Continued fuel shortages will have immediate humanitarian consequences, including on the supply of clean water,” the two ministers warned.