• April 1, 2010
  • 1 minute read

IOA closes Ibrahimi mosque before Muslim worshipers

IOA closes Ibrahimi mosque before Muslim worshipers

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) decided to close the Ibrahimi mosque before Muslim worships for two days starting on Wednesday to allow Jews to celebrate their Passover.

Palestinian sources said that the IOA was banning the Azan (call for prayers) since dawn Wednesday and would continue to ban it till dawn Friday at the pretext of not annoying the Jewish settlers.

No prayers for Muslims would be allowed during those two days while Jews would be allowed to enter, and access even the place allocated for Muslims, to celebrate their feast.

Jewish organizations called for offering Talmudic rituals during those two days as large numbers of occupation forces and border policemen were deployed in the Old City of Al-Khalil and at the entrance to the Ibrahimi mosque and its vicinity to enable the Jews to march in groups to the holy site.