IOA confiscate Arab land

IOA  confiscate Arab land


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, — The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) controlled municipality of Jerusalem is planning to confiscate Arab owned land in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to build a parking lot.

Local sources quoted an official in the municipality as saying that the project is part of an expanded scheme to Judaize the entire Arab neighborhood which includes the  construction of a hotel along with a parking lot for Jews visiting a religious site.

The Israeli army radio quoted a municipality member as saying the project aims to encourage tourism, noting that it was endorsed after the planners realized a  shortage in car parking lots in the distric. He claimed that according to law, the Arab landowner would be compensated.

The Palestinian landowner, however, insisted that he would not give up his right to his land and that he would engage in a legal battle to defend his right.

Another municipality member Meir Margalit, for Meretz movement, said that the scheme is another step towards the  “Judaization” of the neighborhood.

He said that the area is crowded one day in the year, which does not justify the confiscation of land and establishing a parking lot. “Clearly this is just a pretext,” he stressed.