IOA decides to further reduce electricity, fuel supply to Gaza

IOA decides to further reduce electricity, fuel supply to Gaza

After the Israeli supreme court authorized it to reduce electricity and fuel supplies to Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation government decided to start the reduction of the supplies on Thursday, Hebrew sources revealed.

According to the Hebrew Vali news website, the Israeli decision was meant to “punish” the Palestinian citizens in Gaza Strip after the Israeli high tribunal gave the IOA the free rein to carry out the reduction.

The website also quoted Israeli security sources as saying that the decision will be carried out immediately and it will include a reduction of 5% in one of the high voltage lines that feeds the electricity substations in Gaza Strip.

A total of ten high voltage lines are currently feeding the Gaza electricity grid from the Israeli electricity company, sources in the company revealed.

The sources also unveiled that an additional 5% reduction of electricity supply will be applied to another two main feeders, thus making it difficult for the Strip”s inhabitants to get their daily needs of electric power.

But Israeli human rights organizations, including the B”Tselem information center among other groups, deprecated the decision, asserting that the order has no security justification and that the step was meant to “pressure the Gaza inhabitants so as to achieve political gains”. 

The deliberate Israeli cutting of electricity supplies to the 1.5 million Palestinian citizens in Gaza Strip had aggravated suffering of its civilian population, and jeopardized normal operations of hospitals and clinics in the tiny Strip.

Concerned Palestinian officials in the PA legitimate government under premier Ismail Haneyya had repeatedly called for disconnecting the Gaza electricity grid form Israel, and to connect it to the Egyptian grid.

However, the Palestinian urgent calls weren’t answered yet, thus leaving the 1.5 million Palestinians under Israel”s mercy and political exploitations.