IOA demolishes Jerusalemite home without prior notice

IOA demolishes Jerusalemite home without prior notice

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) razed on Tuesday the home of Hasan Ka’abne in the southern area of Juba’a village to the northwest of occupied Jerusalem without prior notice.

Ka’abne said that the IOF soldiers came unexpectedly and ordered all his family members out of the house in order to knock it down.

He affirmed, however, that he did not receive any previous demolition order to his home that was built in 1978.

The soldiers refused to allow his family members to get their personal belongings out of the house but after a heated debate they only allowed the women to get those things out and handcuffed him and his cousin until the demolition was over, Ka’abne elaborated.

He said that his family of ten members, including five children under five years old, is now rendered homeless.