IOA demolishes Palestinian home in Taiba

IOA demolishes Palestinian home in Taiba

RAMALLAH, — The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) razed a Palestinian home in Taiba, in the Triangle area occupied in 1948, at a late hour on Saturday rendering its residents homeless.

Israeli occupation policemen, backed by a helicopter, clashed with inhabitants of the town, who objected to the demolition, and arrested three young men.

Local sources said that the policemen closed many streets leading to the demolition site.

In another incident, the IOA imposed house arrest on Ahmed Al-Jallad, a Jerusalemite, after one month of questioning in Maskobeh and other detention centers.

The IOA has pursued such a policy as a new quelling method in occupied Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up five Palestinians in Jenin and Al-Khalil districts at dawn Sunday at the pretext they were wanted for interrogation.

IOF troops also combed a number of villages in Jenin and Tobas districts.