IOA extends detention of MP Mansour, kidnaps another female

IOA extends detention of MP Mansour, kidnaps another female

The Israeli occupation authority has extended the detention of MP Mona Mansour for eight more days while its troops abducted municipal council member Suhaila Shalash on Monday evening.

Fuad Al-Khafsh, the director of the Ahrar center for prisoners” studies, denounced the recently growing detention of Palestinian women, describing it as a rising phenomenon.

He said that in July the Israeli occupation forces kidnapped Khulud Al-Masri, Nablus municipality member, stormed the home of Dr. Majeda Fidda, another Nablus municipal member, in a bid to kidnap her, and now Suhaila Shalash, 40, of the Shakaba village municipal council on returning from Saudi Arabia where she performed Omra (minor pilgrimage). The same month also witnessed the detention of Mona Mansour, a Nablus MP for the Hamas Movement.

He said that Mansour was moved to the Hasharon prison for women and was held in one cell with Ahlam Al-Tamimi who is serving a 16-life sentence.

Khafsh quoted Mansour as calling on the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to stick to national unity and to release detainees in both parties” jails and to resort to expediency. He added that Mansour was enjoying high morale.

The Ahrar director asked the international organizations and human rights groups to step in and end the Palestinian female prisoners” sufferings and their relatives