IOA extends detention of Turkish activist

IOA extends detention of Turkish activist

The national higher committee in support of prisoners has condemned the Israeli occupation authority’s decision to extend for eight days the detention of the Turkish activist Ezzet Shahin.

The “kidnap” of Shahin was of political nature, the committee said in a statement late Sunday, explaining that it was to avenge Turkey’s supportive stance of the Palestinian people against the IOA oppressive measures and practices.

It said that the detention was also an attempt to terrorize foreign activists against heading to the Palestinian land in solidarity with its besieged people, noting that the charge against Shahin was that he contributed to organizing the flotilla that would attempt to break the Israeli siege on Gaza Strip.

The committee said that the IOA had deprived Shahin of food and drink for 30 hours and held him in cruel detention conditions in violation of international doctrines, describing such treatment as an indication of the IOA “savagery”.

The committee appealed to the international organizations to demand the release of the Turkish activist, who is being held for political reasons and without any charge deserving detention.