IOA forces Jerusalemite to raze his own home

IOA forces Jerusalemite to raze his own home

 The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) forced a Jerusalemite citizen to knock down his own home in Thawri suburb in occupied Jerusalem.

Osama Al-Shuweiki said that he built his 96 square meters home in 2005 and requested a building permit but the IOA-controlled municipality never gave him one and kept on delaying the request.

He added that the IOA municipality court issued a verdict in 2009 ordering him to pay a fine of almost 25,000 dollars and to tear down his house, but he appealed against the verdict and the court was adjourned for three times.

Shuweiki said that he paid the fine, but the court prepared another indictment against him for not demolishing the house, "which forced me to raze it myself before the next court hearing on 23rd December to evade the possibility of paying a new fine and imprisoning me for three years".

The demolition rendered Shuweik’s family, i.e. his wife, two children, his sister, and aging mother, homeless.