IOA intelligence questions wife of Hamas MP

IOA intelligence questions wife of Hamas MP

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM,  The Israeli occupation authority’s (IOA) intelligence apparatus interrogated the wife of Hamas MP Ahmed Attun in Maskobeh detention center for several hours before releasing her at a late hour on Monday.

The Hamas-affiliated change and reform bloc expressed absolute condemnation of summoning the wife of the MP.

It said in a statement on Tuesday that the IOA’s attempts to blackmail the lawmakers and break their determination were desperate and would end up in failure.

Such practices fall in line with the IOA scheme to absent Jerusalemite deputies from Jerusalem and from their positions, the statement added.

It said that the practices further reflect the racism and criminal mentality of the IOA that aim at liquidating the issue of Jerusalem and to empty the holy city of its indigenous inhabitants.

The bloc finally warned that the Palestinian people would not remain silent vis-à-vis such a serious scheme.