IOA murders prisoners with the policy of medical neglect

IOA murders prisoners with the policy of medical neglect

NABLUS,  Palestinian prisoners said in a message to the Ahrar center for prisoners’ studies and human rights that they were suffering from the Israeli occupation authority’s (IOA) medical neglect that turned into a deliberate and systematic policy on the part of the Israeli prisons authority.

They added that unlike ordinary hospitals that alleviate pains of patients, the Israeli Ramle prison hospital only exacerbate their pains.

The prisoners cited a number of sick prisoners who have been living in the Ramle prison hospital for years such as Akram Salama form Khan Younis city who has been in the hospital for 13 years.

They said that medicines given to prisoners in this hospital do not have any effect on improving the condition of sick detainees and quality of food does not match with their needs.

The prisoners charged the IOA with allowing surgeries for those in need of them only after it was sure the operation would not bear fruit and would cause more pain for the patients.

The internees said that they were planning to take their case to European courts and to international human rights groups seeking justice, adding that they would ask for an international fact-finding commission to get acquainted with their conditions.

Fuad Al-Khafsh, the director of Ahrar center, said commenting on the message that the IOA was murdering Palestinian strugglers, charging that such a policy was not different from outright assassination.

He called for immediate intervention to save the lives of 1,600 Palestinian prisoners suffering chronic diseases including 20 who permanently live in Ramle prison hospital and 17 others who are suffering from cancer and are not accorded proper treatment.