IOA planning the demolition of 312 buildings in OJ

IOA planning the demolition of 312 buildings in OJ

The Jerusalemite institution for the development of the society has said that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) controlled municipality of Jerusalem was planning to demolish 312 buildings in eastern Jerusalem.

The institution in a press release said that the demolitions would take place in Silwan and nearby suburbs such as Bustan, Ras Al-Amud and Thawri.

It said that the plan falls in line with the municipality’s scheme to build the so-called City of David in Bustan suburb in the heart of eastern Jerusalem and in the vicinity of the Aqsa Mosque.

The institution said that it obtained a detailed map that was leaked from the municipality outlining the number of Palestinian buildings to be razed in the upcoming period.

It noted that Israeli violations against the Jerusalemites have noticeably increased since the start of 2010 topped by tens of demolition orders, confiscation of land and declaration of new settlement schemes.

It warned that the plan also falls in line with the IOA attempt to control the Aqsa Mosque especially following the inauguration of the ruin synagogue in Jerusalem around three weeks ago.