IOA planning to demolish 40 houses in Jordan Valley

IOA planning to demolish 40 houses in Jordan Valley

JENIN, — Locals said that IOF troops stormed the village and served demolition orders in the northern suburb at the pretext of building without permit in C areas, which are under Israeli civil and security control according to the Oslo accords.

The villagers noted that IOF soldiers regularly raid the town and deliver demolition notices to further tighten the noose on the village inhabitants whose lands were largely confiscated by the IOF troops.

The Jordan Valley inhabitants are engaged in a “secret war” against the IOF soldiers who try to force them to voluntarily migrate out of their land that would be annexed to Zionist settlements.
In a later development, IOF bulldozers razed Bedouin homes in Faresiya village also in the northern Jordan Valley area, Tobas district, on Monday displacing tens of its inhabitants.

Eyewitnesses said that two army bulldozers leveled the homes owned by ten citizens, farmers and shepherds.

Around 300 Palestinians live in the village, which is a military zone according to the IOF and is near to IOF training sites. The inhabitants are deprived of basic services and infrastructure in addition to being denied to build proper homes and are forced to live in tents and tin homes.