IOA plans to build seven huge settlement suburbs in Occupied Jerusalem

IOA plans to build seven huge settlement suburbs in Occupied Jerusalem

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM  —  The Quds information center has disclosed Thursday that the Israeli occupation authorities have prepared the blueprints for seven settlement projects in the occupied city of Jerusalem as part of its efforts to judaize the Palestinian city.

In a statement it issued and published by the Quds Press, the center pointed out that the new suburb that the IOA announced it would construct in Israeli settlement of Gilo was indeed a prelude for seven bigger settlement projects the IAO wants to build in the occupied Palestinian city.

The center also quoted sources inside the IOA as saying that the rightist government of premier Binyamin Netanyahu would carryout the projects after the diplomatic “misunderstanding” with the US administration regarding those settlements is absorbed.

On Wednesday, defiant Netanyahu government unveiled a new settlement project it intends to erect in the occupied Palestinian city after it puts the foundation stone in the site in clear undermining to international will, the center underscored.

According to records of the center, 900 settlement units would be built in the settlement suburb of Gilo that currently comprises 8000 settlement units accommodating 35,000 Israeli settlers.

The second project, the center added, would include the construction of 107 settlement units in the suburb of Noav Tzion that currently comprises 70 settlement units accommodating nearly 400 Israeli settlers.

A third settlement project, the Moscovitch suburb, that was named after the US-Jew billionaire who finances the settlers in the occupied city, would be built on occupied Palestinian land in Jabbal Al-Mukabber, north of Jerusalem city, and would include hundreds of settlement units, the center revealed.

More Israeli settlement projects comprising of thousands of settlement units would also be erected in the Israeli colonies in the city and would accommodate tens of thousands of new Israeli settlers as part of the efforts of the IOA and the Jewish administration of Jerusalem municipality to Judaize the city, the center confirmed.

The legitimate PA government of premier Ismael Haneyya in the Gaza Strip and other concerned officials and personalities have repeatedly warned of the escalated Israeli efforts to judaize the city of Jerusalem, and urged the Arab and Muslim worlds to immediately take decisive steps to thwart such Israeli plans.