IOA razes around 1,000 Palestinian homes in 10 years

IOA razes around 1,000 Palestinian homes in 10 years

 NABLUS, — The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has razed 969 Palestinian homes in the West Bank in the period from 1-1-2000 till 31-12-2009, the land research center said in a report on Sunday.

It added that the demolitions in 2009 rendered 560 Palestinians homeless including 296 children.

The report noted that the months of February, October and November witnessed the highest percentage of demolitions.

The center charged that the IOA targets the forced eviction of Palestinians from their homes reaching toward racial cleansing in Jerusalem.

It recalled that Israel ever since its illegal establishment on the land of Palestine in 1948 had destroyed 531 towns and villages and displaced 804,766 civilians, describing such practices as war crimes.

The center asked the world community to provide international protection for the Palestinian people in face of the Israeli war crimes.