IOA rounded up 33 children in Silwan last month

IOA rounded up 33 children in Silwan last month

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has detained 33 Palestinian children in the Silwan town, in occupied Jerusalem, a report by the Wadi Hilwa information center said.

It added that most of the children were in the age category of 10 to 14 years old, noting that they were always subjected to harsh interrogation including beating and name calling.

The center pointed out that most of the arrests were made by Israeli security men in plain clothes who ambush children in streets and on their return from school.

Most of the released children are forced to spend a time under house arrest outside Silwan and with bails ranging from 2000 to 5000 shekels.

That same information center was the target of a raid by Israeli policemen on Tuesday where they took photos of stickers and statistics in addition to remains of gas canisters which the police force used against citizens in Silwan.

The police units also served unknown number of demolition notices to citizens in three suburbs in Silwan.

Another report by the land research center in cooperation with the civic coalition in defense of Palestinian rights in Jerusalem said on Tuesday that the Israeli forces launched 35 attacks against inhabitants of occupied Jerusalem in October.