IOA sentences child to 3 months imprisonment

IOA sentences child to 3 months imprisonment

The Ofer military court also passed a six-month suspended sentence for three years along with a 600 dollars fine against the child, the father of Mutez Al-Shuyukhi said.

The child was arrested while he was participating with his father in a peaceful demonstration a month ago at the Ofer prison’s gate west of Ramallah.

The father said that his child was tortured during arrest and interrogation, noting that marks of the torture rounds were visible on his head, hands, and other parts of his body.

He added that the IOF soldiers mercilessly treated his child and unleashed police dogs at him.

The father charged that the sentence was harsh and in violation of international doctrines and norms that protect children and civilians especially when his son had denied all charges against him.

He asked the international organizations and human rights groups in Palestine topped by the Red Cross to protect his child in face of the IOF and Israeli judicial system’s arbitrary practices against him.