IOA summons wife of detained Hamas leader

IOA summons wife of detained Hamas leader

Fuad Al-Khafsh, the director of the center, said in a press release on Saturday that the IOA was insisting on “showing its ugly image”, adding that it summoned Ikhlas and put her in a prison cell beside that of her sister Fathia, 57, who has been in custody for two weeks.

He underlined that the IOA threatened Fathia with detaining her sisters and old mother if she did not confess what the interrogators want her to confess.

Khafsh quoted Ikhlas as saying that she was called bad names amid threats against her and her detained husband then she was forced to stand in the hot sun for long hours. She said that the most difficult scene was when the interrogators let her sister enter her cell, adding that her sister looked tired and exhausted.

The director noted that Fathia, who is held in the Jalama detention center, rejected all charges leveled against her and insisted that her trip to Beirut was meant to treat her niece whose mother Ikhalas could not accompany because of the IOA travel ban on her.

Khafsh charged that the IOA was only trying to pressure Sayyed, who is described by the IOA as the most “dangerous resistance figure and prisoner”, and refuses to release him in any prisoners’ exchange deal.

In another context, the higher national committee for the support of prisoners said that the Israeli jailers stormed cells and rooms of Palestinian prisoners 37 times since the beginning of this year and wounded dozens of them during the break-ins.

The committee added that Israel uses special units to ransack these cells and rooms at the pretext of searching for mobile phones.