IOA suspends further supply of fuel to Gaza after Rafah incident

IOA suspends further supply of fuel to Gaza after Rafah incident

The Israeli occupation authority has decided to stop supplying fuel to the Gaza Strip to generate its electricity station after the Rafah incident where thousands of Palestinians poured into Egypt after unknown armed men blasted several holes in the border fence between the Strip and Egypt.

The AP quoted the Israeli foreign ministry spokesman as saying that his government was concerned over the “deterioration of conditions on the borders between the Strip and Egypt”.

He held Cairo responsible for this problem and for settling it, and pointed out that the IOF maintains no forces there.

The IOA had allowed limited quantity of fuel into the Strip on Tuesday after worldwide protests over its “inhuman” closure of all Gaza crossings that barred entry of fuel, foodstuffs and medicine into the beleaguered Strip.

For its part, the Egyptian electricity and energy ministry said that it boosted its supply of power to Gaza to meet its needs in the light of the Israeli measure.

The semi-official daily Al-Ahram quoted the electricity minister Dr. Hassan Younis as saying that his ministry had increased its supply of power to the Strip and repaired Gaza”s electricity grid after the Israelis had destroyed it.