IOF command claims foiling Qassam human bombing attack

IOF command claims foiling Qassam human bombing attack

The IOF command and the Israeli intelligence have foiled a Palestinian human bombing operation that targeted soldiers at the Erez crossing north of Gaza, the Hebrew radio reported on Tuesday.

It said that the IOF troops kidnapped Mohammed Qassem, 25, from the Gaza Strip on the charge of planning to explode his booby-trapped strap belt in the midst of IOF soldiers in Erez crossing.

The broadcast said that the plan also included firing at the soldiers by two other Qassam members, the armed wing of Hamas, after Qassem blows himself up.

The IOF soldiers kidnapped Qassem along with 49 others during a march near Erez in protest over the siege on Gaza on 25/2/2008.

Meanwhile, in the West Bank IOF troops kidnapped two Palestinians in Jenin district at dawn Tuesday and stormed a number of homes in Nablus city but no arrests were reported.

In Al-Khalil, the soldiers broke into the home of Abdul Latif Al-Hroub to the northwest of the city few hours after his murder at the hands of Zionist settlers near Shilo settlement south of Nablus.

The martyr”s brother said that the soldiers last night stormed the martyr”s family home and interrogated his relatives.

The Bir Zeit University suspended classes on Wednesday in mourning over the death of Hroub, 25, who was one of its students.

The Zionist settlers claimed that Hroub was brandishing a knife and tried to stab one of them.