IOF kill 7 members of one family on first day of Eid

Israeli terrorist troops on Monday killed seven members of one Palestinian family in northern Gaza Strip on the first day of Eid Al-Fitr amidst world silence.

Local sources in Beit Hanun to the north of the Strip said that an IOF unit disguised in Palestinian attire and mounting a car with Palestinian registration plates ambushed Atta Al-Shinbari, the local commander of the Nasser Salahuddin Brigades, the armed wing of the popular resistance committees, while visiting his family for Eid congratulations.

The IOF troops expecting Shinbari to arrive to his family home to congratulate his parents and relatives waited for him in a nearby alley. The IOF soldiers opened intensive fire at Shinbari while congratulating his family members killing him at once along with three brothers of the same family.

Palestinian medical sources later said that three others of the Shanbari family were martyred after suffering critical injures while around 30 others were still in hospitals after large numbers of IOF soldiers entered the town to evacuate the unit after finishing its dirty job especially when Palestinian resistance fighters rushed to the scene and engaged the invading soldiers.

IOF troops withdrew from the town under the cover of intensive shooting at residential quarters and fighters who tried to attack those soldiers.

In the West Bank, another IOF disguised unit murdered Mohammed Oda, 23, and wounded 15 others in its botched attempt to assassinate the Islamic Jihad activist Bashar Bani Oda in Tamon village, Jenin district.

Local sources affirmed that Bashar had survived the assassination attempt and that the summoned IOF troops sprayed civilians in the vicinity to cover up for the retreat of the special unit killing Mohammed with a bullet in the head.

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