IOF kill Palestinian child, wound two others in West Bank

 A Palestinian child was killed and two others were wounded with Israeli occupation (IOF) bullets in the early hours of Tuesday during an IOF storming operation to the Palestinian refugee camp of Kalandia, north of Ramallah city.

Scores of IOF armored vehicles and troops burst into the camp amidst intensive machinegun fire that generated panic among children and women. They (IOF troops) started shooting at Palestinian civilian houses, killing teen Mohammed Fareed Zayyat, 15, and injuring Rashid Al-Rehawi, 17, and Taha Wahid Awwad, 15, who were later rushed to a hospital in Ramallah city.

Tension in the camp ran high as fierce clashed between the IOF and defending Palestinian citizens broke out at the backdrop of the IOF crime.

Meanwhile, the IOF arrested two Palestinian ladies, Rasha Zabaro and Ayat Al-Salti of Nablus city, and Palestinian youth Ahmed Al-Shinnawi of the nearby Askar refugee camp as they conducted an incursion to the city and the camp using more than 50 armored military vehicles Tuesday dawn.

The arrest of the two women brings to four the apprehended ladies in the district within 24 hours. Two ladies were rounded up Monday at the hands of the IOF troops in the nearby Salem village on allegations of being members of the Islamic Jihad.

In Jenin city, the IOF soldiers intruded the city and immediately surrounded the Sami Gries building where students of the Arab-American University are boarded. They searched the building and questioned the students before wreaking havoc in it.

In a related matter, the Quds Brigades, armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility for rattling of the 1948-occupied Palestinian city of Majdal with two home-made Quds-3 missiles Tuesday dawn.

A statement issued by the group, and a copy of which was faxed to the PIC, affirmed that the two rockets have accurately hit their targets in the city as huge expulsions and sirens were heard in it.

“The missile assault was in retaliation to the continued Israeli occupation government against our unarmed Palestinian civilians and resistance fighters, including the assassination of Raed Obayyat in Bethlehem Monday”, the statement added.