IOF Kill Unborn Baby, Tear Mother’s Womb

Dawood, an unborn baby was shot to death inside his mother’s womb by occupation fires, without giving him the chance to come to life and know whether he deserves this hideous crime.
In one of the most hideous crime committed by the Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian civilians, the IOF killed a fetus who is still inside his mother’s womb in Ein Beit Alma camp, west of the city, on Thursday at dawn .
The crime story
The Husband of Maha, Raafat Al Qatouni, told us how his unborn child was killed; he said the occupation soldiers broke into the camp at 1.00AM after midnight and initiated clashes with Palestinian resisters, and fires were shot from every direction.
He added that his wife, alarmed by the rumbling of fires, went to her children’s bedroom and brought them to her room to sleep with her; only moments later, I heard my wife screaming so loudly; I went to see her and saw bleeding and lying on the ground.
“I was one single bullet shot by the occupation soldiers, that  penetrated my pregnant wife’s body to lodge in the head of her seven-month fetus, tearing out her womb; we got him out dead .”
Raafat pointed out that the occupation forces claimed that the resisters are the ones who shot at the house, but he refuted their claim, saying ” the ones who shot the fires were the occupation soldiers, because they were occupying Al Sousa building which is overlooking our house directly; when fires were shot back at the soldiers, they started to shoot fires randomly at houses of citizens houses, breaking the glass of my house before shooting my unborn child inside the womb of his mother”.
” I requested an ambulance to rescue my wife, but the Israeli occupation soldiers prevented it from entering the camp, and my wife continued to bleed for more than an hour”.
Maha is still kept in the intensive care unit at Rafidiya hospital in Nablus after the doctors brought her unborn child dead.
For their part, medical sources in Rafidiya hospital confirmed that the bullet was shot with the intention to kill, because it was shot from a very near distance, pointing out that the bullet lodged in the head of the feutus, and was brought out after holding several surgeries for her and her unborn child.
These sources pointed out that Maha can no longer give birth in the future,” because her womb was torn to pieces”.