IOF paints over Marmara ship to hide traces of assault

IOF paints over Marmara ship to hide traces of assault

ANKARA, The Turkish IHH relief fund announced Sunday findings that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) painted over bullet holes on the Turkish Marmara ship, which was attacked by IOF troops while delivering relief aid to the Gaza Strip.

According to the fund, after the return of the Marmara ship yesterday after being seized by Israeli military along with the other Freedom Flotilla ships on May 31st, inspectors concluded that the IOF painted the ship to conceal evidence which may lead to convicting Israel and substantiate that shots were in fact fired at the ship’s passengers.

The organization’s spokesman said Israel hid evidence of the thousands of bullets shot at the ship, noting that the same vessel may be used in another attempt to bust the siege.

In a related matter, the first aid convoy from the Arab Parliamentary union to the Gaza Strip leaves today from the Egyptian capital of Cairo. The convoy members are scheduled to remain in the Strip until August 12th.

A statement by the National People’s Congress in Algeria said the Algerian parliament is represented in the convoy by MPs Abdel-Kader Samari and El-Baradei. The convoy targets providing Gazans their needs during the month of Ramadan.