IOF savage practices in West Bank persist, tanks shell Gaza Strip

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Wednesday burst into the West Bank city of Tulkarm, thoroughly searching a number of Palestinian homes, and arresting ten of the city’s youths.

Local sources in the city affirmed that IOF backed by a number of military vehicles stormed the city at dawn Wednesday amidst random intensive machinegun shooting as they spread in the eastern suburb of the city.

“They (IOF) launched house-to-house search operations using wild trained dogs amidst firing of sound bombs to plant fear in the hearts of Palestinian children and women”, the sources added. It affirmed that at least ten Palestinian youths in the city aged 26-33 years old were rounded up in the IOF assault.

The West Bank village of Tayaseer, east of Tobas city, wasn’t spared of the “savage” Israeli army operations that reached a number of Palestinian houses.

“Six intruding Israeli military jeeps chased the villages’ youths in streets as Israeli choppers launched an airborne landing of unknown nature in a nearby village”, local sources affirmed.

Meanwhile, IOF aggressions on Al-Khalil city escalated recently as more troops burst into a number of Palestinian houses in the city, before occupying and turning them into military outposts.

“They stormed my house during night time and forced me and my family out of it before occupying the upper portion and turning it into military barracks for few days. They even deny us personal necessities unless we seek their permission to do so”, said Abu Mohammed, one of the stormed houses’ owners.

Abdul Al-Muez Kawasmi, another owner of an assaulted house, seconded his city man’s statement, adding, “They crammed us in a single small room, and used us as human shields against any possible resistance fighters’ reprisal”.

In a related matter, the IOF sealed off the Hawara checkpoint, alleging that a Palestinian boy was carrying explosives.

Eyewitnesses affirmed that the IOF blind-folded the unidentified child and led him to an undisclosed place.

Meanwhile, the IOF tanks and artillery sustained their bombarding of eastern and northern Gaza Strip Tuesday night as more than IOF projectiles landed in abandoned areas in Gaza Strip without causing casualties.

The shelling generated terror and fears in innocent Palestinian children, women, and elderly people’s hearts.

The Palestinian resistance retaliated to the IOF blitz with firing a number of locally made missiles that slammed into Israeli settlements parallel to the Strip. It vowed more retaliatory responses.