IOF soldiers quell demonstrations in various WB areas

IOF soldiers quell demonstrations in various WB areas

Local sources said that the IOF soldiers severely beat participants in the march and fired teargas bombs at them.

They noted that the soldiers detained a 14-year-old boy after beating him using batons.

The sources said that Ghadir Al-Atrash suffered breathing difficulty then fainted after the soldiers sprayed gas at her face.

Meanwhile, citizens in Silwan suburb in occupied Jerusalem engaged Israeli policemen in fistfights, local sources said, noting that a big number of policemen were deployed in the suburb.

The IOF soldiers quelled another demonstration in Beit Awa, Al-Khalil district, that was organized for the second day running in protest at the IOF murder of Qassam commander Ali Al-Suweiti in the village.

The IOF troops stormed the village of Dura, south of Al-Khalil, and occupied a Palestinian home after forcing its 20 inhabitant into one room.

A local source said that the soldiers were detaining anyone passing near the house, saying that the detained persons reached 30.

The source said that the IOF troops were tightening security in the village and its surroundings fearing resistance retaliation to the assassination of Suweiti.