• January 16, 2008

IOF troops commit new crime in Gaza, kill two more Palestinians

IOF troops commit new crime in Gaza, kill two more Palestinians

The number of Palestinian martyrs in Gaza Strip rose to 19 in less than 24 hours after IOF troops killed two more Palestinians and wounded at least four others in new Israeli army attack on northern Gaza Strip Tuesday, Palestinian medical sources affirmed.Dr. Muaweyya Abu Hassanein, the director of the emergency department in the PA ministry of health, confirmed to the PIC correspondent that two more Palestinian citizens were killed by the IOF troops and four others were wounded, but their identities were still to be checked.

However, PIC correspondent in northern Gaza Strip revealed that primary information affirms that the two new martyrs were members of Kataeb Al-Mujahideen (Mujahideen Brigades) in Palestine.On Tuesday, at least 20 Israeli tanks supported by Apache choppers invaded the Zaitun suburb, east of Gaza city, and clashed with Palestinian resistance fighters from the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas Movement, before the QB fighters forced them to pull out of the area.Hospital sources in Gaza affirmed that the invasion left 17 Palestinian citizens killed, 12 of them were QB fighters including Husam Al-Zahhar, the son of Hamas”s prominent political leader Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar.

The new Israeli massacre in Gaza came only three days after US president George W. Bush visited occupied Palestine and met with Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert and discussed with him security matters in the region.In a related matter, the Hebrew Ma”ariv newspaper revealed that results of a hypothetical military invasion of the Strip revealed that tens of Israeli occupation soldiers from the elite Givati units will be killed within the first 24 hours in the event Israel decided to launch a full-scale invasion of the tiny Gaza Strip.The paper quoted Israeli military sources as saying that the Palestinian resistance fighters had been storing more weapons and bombs in the Strip that could surprise the invading IOF troops and take heavy toll on them.”If they (Israeli political leaders) asked the soldiers to carry out the assault, they will do it, yet, the public sitting in their homes must know that we will pay a high price for that invasion”, the paper quoted a high-ranking Israeli official who attended the war games as affirming.

According to the paper, outcomes of the case analysis disappointed the Israeli soldiers who participated in the exercises, quoting a number of them as saying, “The Israeli army wins only in military training, and we are speaking now before media outlets in order for the decision-making circles in Israel not to take hasty decisions”.”None of us wants to die; yet, it seems that a broad sector of the public is still unaware of the price that we will pay if we decide to invade Gaza”, the paper furthermore quoted the soldiers as asserting.In the summer of 2006, the IOF troops were humiliated and defeated at the hands of the Lebanese Hizbullah fighters after they invaded southern Lebanon with full political and military backing from the United States.