IOF troops interrogate worshipers as settlers burn fields

IOF troops interrogate worshipers as settlers burn fields

They said that the soldiers tried to force older worshipers, over 50, to leave the mosque, but they refused and insisted on remaining with the youth.

Confrontations were reported in the vicinity of the mosque as young men threw stones at the soldiers who responded firing rubber bullets and stun grenades.

The sources said that the soldiers handed a number of worshipers summonses to meet intelligence officers in Etzion settlement.

Meanwhile, also late last night a group of Zionist settlers attacked Palestinian fields east of Al-Khalil city during which they uprooted trees and burnt others in the area.

Sources said that IOF troops protected the armed settlers when citizens tried to prevent them from going ahead in their wild attack.

The settlers burnt ten dunums of land cultivated with grapes but no casualties were reported.

Another group of settlers at dawn Monday damaged Palestinian civilian property in Ematin village, Qalqilia district, locals reported.

Hebrew daily Yediot Ahronot reported on Monday that IOF soldiers rounded up seven “wanted” Palestinian civilians.