IOF troops kidnap Palestinian young woman

IOF troops kidnap Palestinian young woman

IOF soldiers at dawn Thursday kidnapped a 26-year-old Palestinian young woman from her parent”s home in Rafidia suburb, Nablus city, local sources reported.

The sources said that the soldiers broke into the home of Samir Kenan and abducted his daughter Hanadi after ransacking the house.

Relatives of the young woman said that the troops violently stormed the family home before taking away Hanadi, who is a post graduate student at Najah University. They recalled that the IOF troops had earlier kidnapped Hanadi”s brother.

In another unrelated development, detained PLC speaker Dr. Aziz Dwaik is scheduled to attend a hearing into his case in Ofer detention center on Thursday along with other detained MPs affiliated with Hamas”s parliamentary bloc.

The Israeli occupation authority is holding 47 Palestinian MPs in custody including Dr. Mariam Saleh, who was kidnapped from her home to be the first female legislator held by the IOA.