IOF troops kidnap PLC secretary

Israeli occupation forces have, on Sunday afternoon, abducted the secretary of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Ramahi from his home in al-Beireh east of Ramallah.

Dr. Ramahi managed to evade being kidnapped for more than 50 days since the wave of kidnappings of Palestinian lawmakers and ministers have started. By his kidnapping the number of Palestinian lawmakers who have been kidnapped by the IOF reach 39.

Dr. Ramahi hails from the village of al-Muzayri’a in the district of Ramlah which was ethnically cleansed and destroyed in 1948 by Zionist gangs.

He graduated in medicine from Italy and returned to al-Beireh to establish a medical center and work in both the medical center and al-Makased hospital in Jerusalem.

He was one of the political leaders of Hamas in the West Bank and was imprisoned for 28 months in the early 90’s and was released in 1995.

He was elected for the PLC in the last legislative elections and was appointed secretary of the PLC.

He married and has four children.